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  • Fast, Simple Setup
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Location Aware
  • Customizable
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  • Easy Integrations
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Prolo Features

  • Fast, Simple Setup

    Fast, Simple Setup

    Get your finder up in just a few minutes using our easy admin tool. There's no coding required, just copy and paste.

  • Grows With You

    Grows With You

    Adding new stores is incredibly simple. Just search for the store's name, click add, and your finder is updated!

  • Customizable


    Your style is your own so we made it easy to change the finder to match your site's color scheme. Just a few clicks and you're done.

  • Analytics


    Prolo’s dashboard provides insight into where your customers are searching for your product, allowing you to convert searches into sales.

  • Mobile Optimized

    Mobile Optimized

    Prolo works great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Your customers won't have any trouble finding your products while on the go.

  • Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    Prolo works with all website platforms – whether you use Squarespace, Shopify, Wordpress, Wix, or custom. Integration is easy.

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The Prolo store locator automatically detects your location and returns the retailers nearest you.